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Welcome to Macquarie Masons - Stone Masonry Sydney

We specialize in the restoration, preservation and construction of quality stone buildings.While we have been primary contractor or sub contractors on some of Sydney’s historically most significant buildings and monuments, such ass

  • Elizabeth Bay House.
  • The Great Synagogue.
  • St.Mary’s Church Woollahra.
  • Belmont Park Estate.
  • The mint and others.

Our Stone masons Sydney team also appreciate and take great pride in the preservation and restoration of some of Sydney’s lesser known architecture heritage, including

  • Ebenezer church, Australia’s oldest continuously used church.
  • Workers cottages in Millers point.
  • The old Hawkesbury hospital morgue.
  • Several buildings in Thompson square, Windsor
  • Several residences in Lower Fort St. Dawes Point.

Whether you wish to enhance the functionality of a heritage building, preserve the Aesthetics of the original fabric or construct a quality stone home, Macquarie Masons can advise, construct or restore your building or property

Quality Service

Our Sydney Stonemason offer a range of services to bring out the natural beauty of Sydney sandstone.

  • Sandstone restoration, construction, preservation & supply
  • Epoxy and mortar Repairs
  • Desalination of degraded stone and chemical damp coursing
  • Marble Restoration
  • Stone Carving and Fixing
  • Supply of Yellow Block (Pyrmont) Stone
  • We work with and can recomend allied subsidiary trades.


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